The story of He Youfen: How Aide et Action’s vocational training changed her life

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“My name is He Youfen. I am from Sichuan province, China. I am 40 years old and I have one daughter. My husband had to give up work after an accident on the job and is now staying at home. Our family is very poor.

I’m grateful to Aide et Action China for creating learning and training centres in Qiangjin City. It’s an opportunity for all women who would like to learn new skills in literacy and entrepreneurship to improve their lives. Thanks to this new centre, they know that their role is not limited to running the household.

I participate in most of the trainings (child care, crafts, volunteerism etc.) as well as the other initiatives of Aide et Action’s project (such as visiting other communities and festive events). All this new knowledge is very useful to me. I acquire new competencies which enable me to work more effectively. I make new friends. I have more confidence in what I can achieve and how to achieve it.

I have not found a job yet. Thanks to the training, I can now join the embroidery activity with which I can make about 20 dollars each time. The money earned depends on the orders I get. On average, I make between 40 and 100 dollars per month if I manage to finish the orders. It’s a modest financial contribution to the household income, but I am very proud of it and it is just the beginning. In the future, I hope to be assisting in running advanced courses in child care, at my own expense.”

He Youfen is a beneficiary of the project “Developing Livelihoods for Vulnerable Women in Rural China” addressing the issue of gender equality in rural China. For more information, please visit the project profile on the website of AEAI Southeast Asia.

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