Sushil’s success is an inspiration to other migrant children.

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In February 2018, Sushil was meant to be sitting for his grade ten high school examinations in his village. Unfortunately, Sushil’s parents had taken the decision to move from the village for some seasonal work at a brick kiln site. Sushil had no choice but to go with his parents and to work at the brick kiln too.

Once he started working at the kiln, Sushil had more or less given up on his dream of taking his grade ten exams and completing his highschool education. Sushil noticed other children working at the kiln appeared to be attending, what looked like a classroom, in the middle of the construction site and he quickly discovered that it was a classroom for children on the site, where they could continue their education.

Sushil approached the centre’s manager who encouraged him to attend the school so he could finish his high school education. The centre manager spoke with his parents and persuaded them to allow him to return to his village so he might sit for his exams. Sushil’s parents agreed and he did go back to take his exams. A few weeks passed before the team at the kiln site heard the wonderful news that Sushil had passed his high school exams with a very commendable score of 67%.  The people at the kiln site were overjoyed to hear of the boy’s success and he has since served as an inspiration to other children at the site.

Aide et Action International is actively involved in developing child-friendly worksites for migrant children, this is just one example of the success of our interventions for children like Sushil, who might otherwise not have been able to complete their education.

AEAI has set up 47 Child Care and Learning Centres across 55 worksites in cities across India (Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Chennai, Hyderabad, New Delhi and Patna), in the process transforming the lives of over 3500 migrant children.