Kamnipala’s success Story

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Kamnipala’s story illustrates the power of perseverance and importance of education and training to empower women. It shows how families and communities can benefit if women are provided opportunities for personal development.

Kamnipala is a mother with three children, she was married early so she was unable to finish her schooling beyond grade eight, but she decided that she had more to offer and wanted to be more independent. To this end, she began selling beauty products, but she quickly realised that she required additional skills and expertise to successfully develop and expand her business. In 2015, Kamnipala came across the iLEAD[1] Skills Training Centre, where she enrolled in the Entrepreneur’s Development Programme. She completed training to start and manage her own company and upon completion of the training, Kamnipala successfully applied for financial aid with which she opened “Kamny’s beauty parlour” at Umphrynai, Shillong.

Since this modest beginning “Kamny’s beauty parlour” has gone from strength to strength, even to the point where Kamnipala had to take on a paid assistant.

When asked how AEAI’s project had helped her, Kamnipala said, “I am happy because I am able to run my business smoothly. Thanks to the training that I received from iLEAD, now I am a self-reliant working woman.”

She further added, “Earlier, I used to depend on my husband even for the tiniest venture I wanted to pursue. But now, after being able to earn on my own, I feel independent.” Kamnipala plans to expand her business by setting up a beauty parlour in Jaintia Hills, her native hometown, in the near future.

[1] Through iLEAD, Aide et Action International provides opportunities to young people to enhance and develop skills which will open various employment opportunities and enables them to lead an enhanced standard of living that supports their family needs.