To offer young Sri Lankans the possibility to follow vocational training (Ilead)

Main objective:

To offer young Sri Lankans without access to quality education the opportunity to follow short socio-professional training and integration courses.


Despite the ravages of a 27-year civil war that began in 1983 and ended in 2009, the country maintains one of the highest literacy rates in South Asia. While secondary and tertiary public studies are free for all citizens, people living in areas still recovering from the civil war have less access to quality education than those living in other regions. Nearly 300,000 students prepare the General.

Certificate of Secondary Education each year, but only 22,500 places are available in the classical system of university education. This translates into a low employability status for students in vocational and technical training.


The project addresses the needs of war-affected communities and poor and marginalized youth in the North, South, East and Sabaragamuwa provinces. It contributes to the government’s post-war rehabilitation and reconciliation process in Sri Lanka through the development of skills of youth and veterans in the war-torn northern province. In 2018, 1,070 people (71% women) benefited from the project.


100% Aide et Action

Project location / Sri Lanka, In the districts of Galle, Ratnapura, Trincomalee, Vavuniya, Mullaithivu, Kilinochchi and Jaffna.
Region / South Asia, Sri Lanka
Area / Livelihood education
Duration / 2006 -
The project covers / Young adults
Project manager /
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