To offer ethnic minority children in Laos an inclusive and adapted primary environment

Main objective:

Provide children from ethnic and marginalized minorities with quality primary education by accompanying schools and teachers


Despite progress in universal access to basic education, thousands of children aged 6 to 14 are still out of school in Laos. To the difficulties of access to education, is added a real problem of quality of learning. Many primary school children do not master the basic reading and math skills and are not able to learn the necessary knowledge. The causes are the poor quality of education and school governance, insufficient access to pre-primary education, sanitation problems and malnutrition. Poor, remote and non-Lao speaking communities are the most affected.


This project aims to ensure that disadvantaged children of ethnic origin have access to quality primary education. It helps schools create school development plans based on national quality standards to improve the environment and institutional governance. Our teams also support teachers to improve their teaching techniques by focusing on child-friendly approaches and developing quality learning materials.

The project aims to enroll all children in target schools, especially girls from ethnic minorities living in poor rural areas. It addresses the underlying issues of low attendance and learning through nutrition initiatives, establishment of preschools, needs-based scholarships and promotion of children’s rights. In 2018, 2,382 children (48.4% girls), 1,378 adults (77% women), 107 teachers and 10 schools benefited from this project.


Embassy of Canada in Thailand, Embassy of the Czech Republic in Thailand, Education and Sport Offices (DESB) of Vangvieng Districts, Quality Assurance and Standards of Education Center (ESQAC) of the Ministry of Education education and sports, Feuang, Taiwan Fund for Children and Families, Hinherb and Meun, Mad, Provincial Education and Sport Service (PESS) of Vientiane Province, Spark Foundation, Masalina Foundation

Project location / Laos, Vientiane Province, Vangvieng, Feuang, Mad, Hinherb and Meun Districts
Region / Laos, Southeast Asia and China
Area / Inclusive education
Duration / 2015 - 2018
The project covers / Children from ethnic and marginalized minorities
Project manager /
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