Safe and healthy learning environment for children of migrant families

Main objective :

Provide a secure and healthy environment to migrant children on 5 different working sites of their migrant parents.

Project :

Aide et Action will address the issues of nutrition, health, lack of access to basic services by young migrant children, pregnant & lactating women at worksites, along with learning, growth issues and mainstreaming of school going children.

AEA will establish Child Care & Learning Centre (CCLC) in each of the 5 working sites, with the support of employers, wherein young migrant children will have access to safe and better environment for learning and development. The elder children would be facilitated to nearby school and aide et action will facilitate conducive environment for such children by addressing different language and culture in school.

Each CCLC will have a facilitator who would be trained by AEA for facilitating the process of child development among the young migrants. It would emphasize on ensuring the following:

  • A safe and protected environment for young migrants at the worksite
  • Quality learning and development of young migrant at worksites
  • Young migrant children in the worksite are linked to government supported ICDS nutritional food, immunization, health care support at the worksites
  • The employers are encouraged to run and replicate some of the child centric programme at the workplace.
  • Government policies towards migrant children are influenced for recognition of the CCLC and make portability of basic entitlements and services for the migrants and their families.
  • Will conduct children mela which aims to share knowledge and exhibit many skills that children were learnt irrespective of language barrier.

Impact :

In 2018, 570 children aged 0 to 14 years were directly affected by our activities.

Partner :

Fondation SNCF

Project location / Telangana state
Region / India, South Asia
Area / Access and quality of education, Migration
Duration / 2017 - 2020
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