Provide care and inclusive education to young disadvantaged children from ethnic minorities

Main objective:

Provide inclusive and appropriate education for marginalized children from ethnic minorities and support them to improve their school performance


Today, Vietnam has wide educational coverage, gaps and challenges remain and must be resolved to ensure access to quality education for all children in the country, especially those from poor households, isolated areas and ethnic minorities. Underlying issues include language barriers; poor quality of education, curricula, facilities and infrastructure; water and sanitation problems; poverty; malnutrition and migration.

Tam Duong District is one of the poorest of the country. The ethnic minorities who live there are struggling to make ends meet and fail to put their children to school. The latter are in any case confronted with a terrible language barrier (they do not speak Vietnamese, the official language of instruction) and are placed in schools where the education provided is of poor quality.


The aim of the project is to improve access to and retention of ethnic minority children aged 3 to 8 by providing them with quality pre-primary and pre-primary education. One of the axes of the project is to prepare children for school well upstream in order to improve their learning outcomes, one of the other axes is to reinforce the skills of teachers by training them notably in the methods of teaching. child-centered teaching, early detection of disabilities and mother-tongue

Our teams also encourage parents, community members and local authorities to engage in the education and development of their young children. Finally, the project aims to sensitize policy makers to the importance of inclusive education for these children so that they facilitate the development and dissemination of bilingual materials. In 2018, 5,263 children (51.5% girls), 4,069 adults, 192 teachers and 6 schools benefited from this project.


CISDOMA, Advisory Institute for Socio-Economic Development of Rural and Mountain Areas, European Union CISDOMA, Advisory Institute for Socio-Economic Development of Rural and Mountain Areas, European Union

Project location / Vietnam, Lai Chau Province, Tam Duong District
Region / Southeast Asia and China, Vietnam
Area / Inclusive education
Duration / 2015 - 2018
The project covers / Children from ethnic and marginalized minorities
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