Promotion and Modelling of Educational Bridging classes support Access and Quality of Education

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The communes of Niamey, Kollo, Kouré and Hamdalye have the highest illiteracy rate in the sub-region (over 69% of the population aged 15 and over cannot read or write). In addition, more than 2.2 million children aged 9 to 14 either do not attend school or drop out of school very early either for reasons of early marriage or for reasons of immigration.

Project objective

Guarantee access to education for 1,600 girls and boys in the 9-12 and 13-14 age group who are out of school or dropouts, by providing bridging classes to enable access to formal or informal education or vocational training centres.


Agence Française de Développement (AFD – French development agency), GREF, Ministry of Primary Education, ONEN, RECAC.

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Project location / Niger - Niamey, Kollo, Kouré and Hamdalye communes
Region / Africa, Niger
Area / Access and quality of education
Duration / 2017 - 2020
The project covers / In 2019, 1,053 out-of-school and dropout pupils in the 9-14 age group, of whom 47.70% girls, benefited from non-formal and formal education in an appropriate learning environment; 44 teachers from non-formal education centres have been trained in the pedagogical facilitation of bridging classes; 280 members of 40 decentralised School Management Committees have been trained in the management of training centres; Establishment and equipment of 40 bridging centres; Mobilisation of the communities of about 33 villages in the communes of Niamey, Kollo, Kouré and Hamdalaye.
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