PROJEG : Concerted Programme for Capacity Building of Guinean Civil Society and Youth Organisations

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Guinea has a history of recurrent human rights violations. In addition, there is a lack of any space for dialogue between the State and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), a virtual absence of young people and women in public debate, and barely any culture of accountability on the part of those in power.

Project objective

Contribute to the development of the most strategic public policies, the management, appeasement and consolidation of national unity, the defence of human rights, the fight against impunity and the strengthening of the legitimacy of civil society.


Agence Française de Développement (AFD – French development agency), Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralisation, Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, Guinean and French CSOs.

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Area / Sustainable development and global citizenship education
Duration / 2016 - 2019
The project covers / In 2019, 1,550 adults (8% women) and 472 young people (27% girls) were covered by this project.
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