PAHAL: Taking care of sex workers’ children


Protection of sex workers’ children


Located in the heart of Delhi, GB Road is famous for two reasons: for its electronic goods shops and for being the red light area bringing together the largest number of sex workers in the Indian capital.

The sex workers who work here are recruited for the most part at a very young age through clever pimps who show them dreams of marriage, jobs and a better life in glowing colours before holding them prisoner. Some of them have been kidnapped. Many have children. These children are either confined to dark backrooms while their mothers are at work or spend their lives on the streets, where they have to deal with various stigmas and are for the most part excluded from basic early childhood services and schools and exploited by the community.

The project

The idea is paving a way to schools for street children. Conducted in partnership with a local NGO, the PAHAL project seeks to give these children access to care, protection, education and dignity, to which they have the right; to prevent second-generation girls from being caught in the trap of prostitution and to help their mothers become independent.


–      Sensitisation and mobilisation of community and institutional actors so that they take in these children at their health centres, schools, etc. Networking.

–      Specific education programmes: (non formal) for children, micro-enterprises for the mothers. Help in obtaining identity cards, access to a bank account, etc.


Project location / Central Delhi, India
Region / South Asia
Area / Early childhood
Duration / 2013 - 2017
The project covers / 60 children; 40 mothers
Project manager / Arvind Rawat
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