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In Bhutan, the high number of out-of-school children and adolescents, the prevalence of high youth unemployment, and the low participation of women in the labour force are challenges that may prevent Bhutan from realising the demographic dividend. Over the 2027-2047 period, the working age population will increase to 0.8-0.85 million. According to the World Bank Report (2019), due to declining agricultural productivity each year, more and more people are withdrawing from agriculture, especially young people, who prefer to migrate to urban areas, or out of the country, in search of more remunerative livelihoods. But the lack of appropriate skills and resources in the labour market prevents them from working better and becoming entrepreneurs. Moreover, migration also creates pressure on urban areas.

To address these challenges, the Royal Government of Bhutan identified five priority areas for sustainable economic growth and job creation: hydropower, tourism, agriculture, mining and small and medium enterprises (SMEs). In Bhutan, there is a significant mismatch between the skills, qualifications and attitudes required and the jobs available, especially for rural youth who migrate to urban areas in search of work opportunities. The high rate of youth unemployment has been attributed to emerging issues such as drug abuse, crime and violence, as well as mental and public health problems that pose serious challenges to the nation as a whole. At the same time, Bhutan is currently witnessing the highest urban population growth rate and rural-to-urban internal migration in South Asia (almost double the rate of internal migration in neighbouring India).

Project objective

Provide livelihood opportunities for youth mainly through the promotion of ecotourism and other related livelihood activities (tea manufacturing unit, organic farming cooperative).


Youth Development Fund Bhutan.

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Project location / Bhutan - Goemka, Begana, Thinleygang, Renekha and Menchuna territories, Punakha district
Region / Bhutan, South Asia
Area / Lifelong and Livelihood Education, Vocational training
Duration / 2014 - 2024
The project covers / In 2019, 2,036 young people benefited from this project.
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