Learning together through Cooperation and Media


A media project beyond borders aimed at initiating children in digital technology and international cooperation.


In the era of digital technology, initiating children to new technologies is one of the battles to be fought for access to education for all. Teaching them to become responsible actors with regard to the new global media is another educational challenge in the era of globalisation. And if we take up this challenge, it paves the way for tremendous prospects in terms of the capacity that new generations will build to develop international solidarity between themselves and global citizenship based on cooperation.

The project

Children from several school groups in France and Senegal are working together, along with their teachers, to facilitate a website and publish an issue of “100% Junior” – an Aide et Action magazine. Early initiation to new technologies thereby overcoming the digital divide, shared learning of media tools and their functioning, exposure to the world at large, cooperation beyond borders – this experimental project aimed at educating children about media and solidarity also helps the teachers to pool their teaching tools together.


–      Fitting out schools in multi-media material. Training in their use.

–      Training teachers in journalism practices.

–      Development of content by children (videos, photos, texts, interviews, reports, etc.) for the website and the year’s magazine.

Project location / Val d’Oise, France and Dagana, Mbour, Senegal
Region / Europe
Area / Sustainable development and global citizenship Education
Duration / 2013 - 2016
The project covers / 300 children in France and 600 children in Senegal; 10 teachers in France and 10 in Senegal; 1000 families
Project manager / Marie Cruse and Tiké Ndiaye
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