Learn to Change

Main objective:

Allow Burkinabe women to become financially independent by offering them literacy classes, vocational training and financial support


Burkina Faso 2018 was characterized by the deterioration of the security situation in the country and as a result the closure of more than 1300 schools. 5000 teachers abandoned their positions and more than 500 000 children were deprived of education. In addition, no respite was observed on the social front: teachers went on strike several times. The main challenges for the authorities remain the development of technical education and vocational training and the promotion of employment for young graduates, teacher training, and improvement of quality, relevance and effectiveness of literacy actions.


The Learning For Change (APC) project is the result of collaboration between Aide et Action and the L’Occitane Foundation. It is a response to illiteracy of women, their extreme poverty in rural areas and their difficult access to factors of production.

Since 2015, the APC project aims at empowering women members of the NUNUNA Federation in the provinces of Sissili and Ziro in Burkina Faso. Illiteracy and difficult access to loans and land for women are real hindrances to the development of their activities. It is also difficult for them to appreciate the profitability of their activities and to choose the one that will improve their income. Some carry out activities at a loss without knowing it. Hence the interest of the APC project which combines literacy, technical training and financial support for women.

To achieve this goal, the main activities planned are: information and awareness; organization of literacy sessions; training of women (technical training, use of information and communication technologies in financial management, setting up organizational management tools); granting of subsidies for the implementation of income generating activities.

In 2018, 122 learners learned to read, write and count; The success rate in literacy sessions ranges from 97% to 100%; 131 women participated in the implementation of income generating activities (rice parboiling, beekeeping, farming); 33 women were trained in beekeeping production; 40 people were trained in simplified accounting, inventory management and marketing; 20 people were trained in small livestock farming; 5 women groups were supported both technically and financially.


Villages of Sapouy, Léo, Cassou and Gao, Provincial Directorate of Education of Sissili and Ziro, NUNUNA Federation, L’Occitane Foundation

Project location / Burkina Faso, in Sissili and Ziro provinces
Region / Africa, Burkina Faso
Area / Livelihood education
Duration / 2015 - 2019
The project covers / Women
Project manager /
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