ILEAD YOUTH SPARK: enhance the ability of youth to undertake


Model training centres to enable excluded youth to get out of the poverty trap and become tomorrow’s entrepreneurs.


A flagship Aide et Action project, Ilead (Institute for Livehood Education and Development) helps youth in the 18-25 year age group, stemming from the most marginalised of communities, who have no training and no jobs, to acquire the means to earn their livelihood and be mainstreamed in society. Ilead’s advantages: skill training adapted to the job market, support for personal development and acquisition of basic IT and social skills. Over 100,000 youth have already received training in South Asia, particularly in India.

The project

Enabling underprivileged youth, Dalits (untouchables), ethnic minorities, etc. to escape poverty, get off the streets, out of orphanages or slums and reach the highest possible level, the Youth Spark project is not limited to training youth in emerging sectors that are currently hiring employees (IT, e-business and services, hotel industry, automobile technology, etc.). It also encourages and supports the most motivated or talented among the youth to adopt the path to individual or social entrepreneurship and sustainable development, like its own iLead companies, intended to provide work for the most underprivileged.


– 4 month training (vocational, IT, soft skills).

– Networking with companies (industries, traders, etc.): internships and placement.

– Post-training follow-up, alumni associations, etc.

– Establishment of 10 centres of excellence for training and support in setting up companies (coaching, business plan, funding, etc.).

– Establishment of 10 Ilead companies (restaurant, beauty parlour, data services, etc.).


Project location / Delhi, Chennai, Guwahati, Jaipur, Ahmedabad etc India
Region / South Asia
Area / Livelihood education
Duration / 2011 - 2015
The project covers / 75,000 youth (training) and 12,000 youth (entrepreneurship)
Project manager / Varsha Rathore
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