Joint Action on Water-Environment-Education for Tomorrow

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In Togo, the national context is marked by poor access to the drinking water and sanitation infrastructure. The indicators for access and quality of basic education and literacy at the regional level are strongly influenced by these shortcomings. Thus, in the education sector, particularly in the Savannah region, only 12% of primary schools in the region have at least one water point and only 5% have a water point, latrines and hand-washing facilities. The gender parity index of the primary school access rate is 0.94 and can be explained, in part, by the socio-cultural context and the domestic work assigned to girls, including that of fetching water.

Project objective

Contribute to the improvement of the living environment of the inhabitants of 2 communes of the prefecture of Cinkassé, located in the Savannah region, through the education of children, young people and women.


ASMAE, Fonds d’Intervention pour le Développement (FID – Intervention fund for development), Kolo zaza malagasy (KOZAMA), Ministère de l’Éducation Nationale et de l’Enseignement Technique et Professionnel (MENETP – Ministry of National Education and Technical and Vocational Teaching).

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Project location / Togo - Savannah region
Region / Africa, Togo
Area / Access and quality of education, Health education
Duration / 2019 - 2021
The project covers / In 2019, 1,875 pupils, including 920 girls, 175 members of community bodies, 42 teachers, 700 parents, 20 local elected officials and a pre- school and primary education inspectorate have benefited from this project.
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