Iview : Self-portraits of migrants in the city


A cultural project to promote the mainstreaming of migrants.


Given the social changes and rapid urbanisation that China has gone through over the last thirty years, the number of migrant workers has risen steadily in Chinese cities. They number around 2 million in Chengdu, where they account for almost 1/5th of the population. Whereas their living conditions may have improved, their integration remains a problem. The reason is the lack of knowledge and indifference of the citizens, but also an identity crisis that impels migrants to withdraw into themselves.

The project

Iview urges migrant families to themselves talk about their life in the city (and about their place of origin during their holidays) through photos and testimonials that are then exhibited across the city. The project has a dual purpose: to promote self-recognition among the migrants by allowing them to re-appropriate their life stories and to enable the city that harbours them while turning a blind eye to them to learn about their lives and their journeys. By laying the foundations of mutual understanding, the project makes it possible to facilitate the mainstreaming of the migrants, which is necessary for social harmony in megapolis.


– Recruitment of 30 families, equipped and trained in photography.

– Training of 15 volunteers as supervisory teams (follow-up of families, collection of oral testimonies, collection of photos, community meetings for sharing experiences).

– Organisation of exhibitions.

Project location / Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China
Region / Southeast Asia and China
Area / Migration
Duration / 2012 - 2013
The project covers / 30 families
Project manager / Xuemei Zhang
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