Initiative for migration in the state of Odisha


To help develop a legal and social framework for seasonal migrations, so as to safeguard the rights of migrating families and the education of their children.


With a poverty rate that may be as high as 85.5% in tribal areas, the state of Odisha (formerly Orissa), in the Gulf of Bengal, is one of the poorest in India. It traditionally provides its more prosperous neighbours with cheap agricultural labour, obliged to migrate for their survival every year after the rice harvest. Hired to work in brick kilns (there are 250,000 such migrants of which 20 % are children), road construction or carpet factories, they are subjected to working and living conditions devoid of human dignity – often as indentured labour, with the children running a considerable risk of getting trapped in the spiral of child labour at an early age of 6-7 years.

The project

Defending the right of migrant children to education and doing everything possible to ensure their schooling and to protect them from exploitation is Aide et Action International’s priority. In the face of blatant violations of human rights and the alienating form that these migrations assume, the organisation also endeavours to ensure that families can exert their rights to legal and social recognition by pushing the state and local governments to assume their responsibilities and by helping communities get organised.


– Establishment of a migrants’ register and a dedicated place in each village to formalise migration and inform the migrants about their rights.

– Advocacy so as to promote the access of migrants to rights and social services. Establishment of contacts with the concerned institutions.  Activation of administrations.

– Development of community-based security mechanisms

– Advocacy actions vis-à-vis authorities for the acknowledgement of migrants’ rights.

Project location / state of Odisha, India
Region / South Asia
Area / Migration
Duration / 2014 - 2016
The project covers / 100 families
Project manager / Ashutosh Kumar
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