Project for Improving Access, Quality and Governance of Basic and Secondary Education (PAQAMA)

Main objective:

Contribute to the reconstruction of the school system following the security crisis


With an extreme poverty rate of 42.7% (2017) Mali is 175th out of 188 countries in terms of Human Development (2016). Following the coup d’état of 2012, the security situation deteriorated, which led to an impact on the school system, especially in the Centre and in the North of the country. Mali is subjected to regular terrorist attacks that plague the population.

The growing insecurity is the first challenge of the country: many schools are closed compromising the future of children. Whole areas are dangerous and their access is strongly discouraged. It is in this difficult context that Aide et Action takes action in support of public policies, in order to restore access to education.


In 2012 Mali was hit by a security crisis that impacted the school system, especially in the centre and the north of the country. More than 700 schools were closed, sometimes destroyed, following the crisis. The project contributes to the recovery of education after the 2012 crisis by improving access, quality and governance of education in the Gao region. It strengthens the capacities of decentralized services and communities in charge of education.

In 2018, the project trained 14 pedagogical supervisors to realtime learning analysis (TRA) to inclusive education; 15 pedagogical supervisors were trained in the didactics of subjects, a balanced approach and management of the school in decentralized style; 200 teachers in total were trained in order to supervise 9,300 students, 40% of whom are girls; 50 schools were concerned by our activities.


Academies of Education (AE) of Gao and Menaka and Pedagogical Animation Centres of Ansongo, Bourem, Gao, French Agency of Development (AFD), Humanity and Inclusion (HI), International Rescue Committee (IRC), Menaka and Wabaria, Ministry of National Education, Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)

Project location / Northern Mali, in the regions of Gao and Ménaka
Region / Africa, Mali
Area / Access and quality of education
Duration / 2016 - 2019
The project covers / Children and members of school communities
Project manager /
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