ILEAD project for peace and reconciliation


Social mainstreaming of young former combatants and victims of the war through vocational training.


Sri Lanka has one of the highest school enrolment rates in Asia, but the lack of vocational training streams and structures penalizes the most underprivileged youth and hampers their social integration.

At the end of a 30 year civil war that had wreaked havoc in the country’s Northern provinces, more than ever before, the country needs a fresh driving force and skilled manpower to rebuild and develop itself.

The project

Providing vocational training and psycho-social support to the most marginalised youth so that they can be integrated in mainstream society is the basis for the Ilead projects developed by Aide et Action International. In Sri Lanka, the programme was initiated in 2006 along the South-Western coastline, which had been devastated by the tsunami and which extended to slums south of the capital, Colombo. Having developed in the North-Eastern provinces today, the project works towards the mainstreaming of youth destabilised by war, former Tamil Tiger combatants and victims displaced by the conflict.  For everyone to find their place, it is important for all to be able to build a reconciled society together.


–         5 training centres operational in the North-East: use of agricultural and construction machinery, hotel industry (70 youth), IT, beauty care (18 former women fighters), entrepreneurship development with the establishment of companies, etc.

–         Extension of the programme planned in the East (Trincomalee, Ampara) and in the centre, in remote tea plantation areas. 15 Ilead centres are planned to be set up across the country by 2016.

Project location / Provinces in the North, East and South, Sri Lanka
Region / South Asia
Area / Livelihood education
Duration / 2014 - 2016
The project covers / 1305 youth affected and/or displaced by war in the North and the East
Project manager / Kapila Dhanapala
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