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In Nepal, there have recently been significant improvements in the education sector and most young people now have better educational opportunities than previous generations. There has also been a significant improvement in girls’ participation in education. Their entry into elementary, secondary and tertiary levels has improved. However, high drop-out rates affect both boys and girls, particularly at the secondary level. Most children who drop out come from poor families or have difficulty accessing school because they live in remote areas. According to the “Report on the Global Initiative on Out-of-School Children”, a number of issues lead Nepalese children to drop out of school or never go to school. These include poverty, social exclusion, and lack of preparedness due to non-attendance at early childhood development facilities, lack of access, social norms, gender bias, child marriage, emergencies and natural disasters, among others.

Focus on Girls & Women

Aide et Action started its projects in Nepal in 2009 and joined forces with two NGO partners to implement projects on the themes of Access and Quality of Education and Lifelong and Livelihood Education. The Empowerment and Education of Girls and Women were the cross- cutting themes to ensure their inclusion. These two projects, carried out in two phases, were evaluated by the Nepal Social Welfare Council (SWC) and were highly appreciated for their quality, solidarity and ability to bring about changes in the lives of the target communities.

With the recommendation of the SWC and in line with our mandate to reach out to and support the most disadvantaged, Aide et Action decided to implement projects in the country’s Province 3 (Kathmandu and Laliltpur) and Province 2 (Sarlahi and Rautahat). In Province 2, the focus will be on a combination of two themes: Access and Quality of Education and Lifelong and Livelihood Education. In Province 3, the focus will be on Lifelong and Livelihood Education. Women’s empowerment and education will remain a non-negotiable theme of intervention. In accordance with SWC rules and regulations and based on a rigorous evaluation process, Aide et Action identified four NGO partners, developed the project proposal and submitted it to the SWC for approval. This proposal goes through several stages of approval before the final decision is communicated. Aide et Action is currently awaiting the SWC’s decision.

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