Project Friend School of Children

Main objective:

Promote the participation of children in school life and encourage the development of life skills education to combat school dropout


The education system in Togo is earmarked by a strong demand for educational provision because of demographic growth, a significant proportion of children are out of school or don’t go to school, the insufficiency of the non-formal educational offer, the weakness of school reception characterized by unfavourable teaching and learning conditions, a staff challenge of qualified teachers, a significant proportion of unqualified voluntary teachers, and low access and retention of girls in school, especially in high school.

However, there is some progress, including the adoption of a special status for teachers, a 3% increase in the state budget allocated to education, effective medical coverage in pre-school and primary education, the adoption of the National Early Childhood Policy and the update of the Education Sector Plan and the State Report of the National Education System.


In both regions, between 32% and 60% of children aged 5 or more are not enrolled in the first year of primary school. They are often late, which favours repetition (20.8% to 23.6% school children have repeated their class). A significant proportion of children enrolled in nursery school do not access primary school: 53.9% for the Savanes and 34.1% for the Plateaux region. Difficulties in education (access, maintenance and academic results) are aggravated for girls.

The project fights against non-registration, late registrations and selective schooling to the detriment of girls and vulnerable children, as well as against violence especially those related to gender in middle school and within the family. It promotes the creation within schools of governments to promote the right to participation of children and to encourage the development of skills in everyday life. Finally, it trains members of the community to school governance. In 2018, the project benefited 74,676 people, including 53,537 children (43.77% girls) and 21,139 adults (40.64% women), 1,479 teachers and 264 schools were involved in our activities.



Project location / Togo, Plateaux and Savannah Regions
Region / Africa, Togo
Area / Access and quality of education
Duration / 2018 - 2019
The project covers / Children
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