Basic Education Improvement Project in Casamance

Main objective:

Improve the public education service in Casamance, in order to promote social cohesion, peace and the fight against inequalities


In Senegal, barely 6 out of 10 children are in school and the quality of education is not always high. The proportion of children and young people out of school is estimated at 1,498,286 or 37% of the population of school age. This group is made up of 78% of children / young people who have never been to school and 22% of out-of-school youth. Girls’ drop-out is slightly higher (10.4%) than boys (9.1%) in the 6-11 age group. On the other hand, the trend is reversed in the 12-16 years age group.

The Senegalese education system must go beyond formal education and face “new challenges “: Daaras, Franco-Arab schools, work and learning places, places of leisure are also spaces that the Senegalese education system must take care of. Aide et Action develops programmes so that by the end of their primary years children have acquired basic skills.


In the Sedhiou and Ziguinchor regions, classes are overcrowded. They are, for many, made of temporary shelters (24% of public elementary school classes in Sedhiou and 41% in Ziguinchor. This percentage rises to 35% in Sedhiou for secondary education and 63% in Ziguinchor). The school environment is characterized by violence, particularly with regard to girls. Result: learning is very weak. The success rate in the baccalaureate reached only 29% in Ziguinchor and 26.37% in Sedhiou.

The project aims to improve the public education service in Casamance, to foster social cohesion, peace and fight against inequalities and enable better skills development for students. In 2018, 7 new schools were opened; 21 new classes are under construction; 60 schools were equipped with hygiene and sanitation installations; 160 tutors were trained to provide school support to primary school children; 285,511 children (including 47% girls), 980 adults (42.8% women), 5,424 teachers and 140 schools were involved in our activities.


French Development Agency (AFD), CGE, APE, ARD, CLEF, DEE / DPRE / DEMSG, IA, IEF, MEN, UCGE

Project location / Senegal, in Sedhiou region and Ziguinchor
Region / Africa, Senegal
Area / Access and quality of education
Duration / 2015 - 2019
The project covers / Children and members of school communities
Project manager /
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