ALFA : A Light For Africa

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In West Africa, 9 out of 10 schools do not have electricity, i.e. about 200,000 schools, which has a strong impact on learning conditions. Indeed, classes can only take place during the day (while night sometimes falls early) and without a ventilation system during heat waves. In addition, books in these schools are scarce and other teaching material is often of poor quality or even non-existent. Without electricity, digital learning materials, which would be a practical and inexpensive alternative, cannot be used. Our solution: Using solar energy to electrify schools to improve the learning environment and the quality of education in these schools.

Project objective

Improving access to quality education through better learning conditions and, more specifically, through solar electrification in schools. Each school is equipped with a stand-alone solar kit, an internal electrical grid, a desktop computer, 9 LED lights, 3 neon strip-lights and a fan. 8 portable solar lights are distributed to students so that they can do their homework at home in the evenings. In addition, local skilled workers are trained to maintain the electrical facilities in each school.


Gertrude HIRZEL Foundation, Service des Industriels de Genève (SIG).

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Project location / Benin - Gbéto, Agbodjèdo, Tanzoun-Bliguédé Gbèhadji and Houngon- Djinon villages, Adjarra, Aguégués, Allada and Avrankou communes, Atlantique and Ouémé administrative departments
Region / Africa, Benin
Area / Access and quality of education
Duration / 2019
The project covers / In 2019, 1,382 pupils, including 654 girls (47.32%); 650 adults, including 425 women (65%); 27 teachers; 5 schools benefited from this project.
Project manager /
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