ADELANTE project for youth in the Northern districts of Santo Domingo


Vocational training to enable the most marginalised youth to escape abject poverty and social exclusion.



According to the ILO (International Labour Organisation), over 436,000 children and adolescents work in the Dominican Republic. 74.5% of them combine work and school; the others have never been to school*. That is often the case with children in Santo Domingo Norte, one of the Dominican Republic’s poorest areas where people survival only by working with their families, especially at the capital city’s biggest garbage dump in Duquesa.


The project           

In 2006, Aide et Action initiated the Conjunto project and opened alternative education and drop-in centres for children working in the inner suburbs in the north of the capital city, especially the “buzos” – garbage dump “divers”. The Adelante project took it further in 2012, targeting the same children who had now become adolescents. It aims at helping them to escape the circle of poverty once and for all by offering them access to work through vocational training adapted to the local employment market and upcoming trades.


Partnership with institutions for instituting vocational certificates.

– Labour market assessment in the area covered by the project.

– Placement of youth after training.

– Computer training.

Project location / Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Region / Dominican Republic, Latin America and Caribbean
Area / Inclusive education
Duration / 2012 - 2016
The project covers / 350 marginalised youth
Project manager / Dario Carjaval
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