Access to schooling for vulnerable and marginalised populations in Seine-Saint-Denis



In France, three observations are obvious: inequalities in education tend to be concentrated in the most disadvantaged areas, some populations still remain far-removed from school and education-sector stakeholders need to cooperate better with each other. Although the goal of universal schooling is considered to have been achieved, these problems call into question the quality and equity of the French education system. Every year, nearly 98,000 young people leave the system without a diploma or qualification. In Seine-Saint-Denis (93), a department bordering the capital, Paris, it is estimated that 1,700 people live in shantytowns, nearly half of whom are minors. Studies show that 80% of school-age children do not have access to school. The project conducted by the ASET 93 and Aide et Action associations upholds the right to education for all children and prepares them for school through an intermediary “bridging” system of preparation for schooling.

Project objective

Since September 2018, Aide et Action has been supporting the ASET 93 association for the implementation of a project aimed at facilitating the entry to school of excluded children. The aim is to provide support to families in going through the required administrative procedures, to support the educational teams, to welcome the children and their families and, of course, to lead the children to successful school outcomes. The project is based on 4 pillars: to enable children to gain access to school; to promote school retention and academic success; to contribute to the social and professional integration of families; and to carry out advocacy actions. For this purpose, children and their families are welcomed in a “school truck” made available to the ASET 93 association by Aide et Action.



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Project location / France - Seine Saint-Denis (93)
Region / Europe, France
Area / Access and quality of education
Duration / 2018 - 2022
The project covers / In 2019, 179 children benefited from this project; 65% of them have been enrolled in school; 9% are awaiting registration or assignment; 8% were lost to sight following the community’s expulsion; and 18% were taken in, but were not yet ready for school.
Project manager /
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