Livelihood education

  • 250 million children and adolescents do not know how to read or write, even after four years in school
  • 200 million youth in the 14-25 year age group have not completed the primary school cycle

They are in the 14-25 year age group, 90% of them live in developing countries and they are the ones who will have to face the challenges the future brings. But 621 million of today’s youth do not yet have access to school, nor training, nor a job: they have no constructive employment to absorb their energies and their future is encumbered.

Providing these young people with the means to develop fully, take control of their own lives and take up a useful place in society is a priority for Aide et Action International, which fulfils these objectives through several projects.

Literacy and second chance schools to acquire basic skills, access to vocational training adapted to the job market and support for social integration: our livelihood education activities address the most underprivileged youth as a priority.