Girls and women's education

  • Two-thirds (529 million) of the world’s illiterate adults are women
  • 31 million of the world’s girl children (54% of all children) are deprived of primary education

The growth in the education of girls and women in the world has revealed its remarkable impact on societal development: reduction of forced marriages and early pregnancies, as well as infant mortality (a child whose mother is able to read has 50% more of a chance of surviving beyond its fifth year), growth in the enrolment of girls in school, etc.


Girls and women’s education, a key to their emancipation, is a key issue that is incorporated in all Aide et Action International’s projects. The association is also developing specific activities aimed at removing the concrete obstacles in the schooling of girls and at encouraging women’s autonomy (literacy, vocational training) and their leadership (support for women’s entrepreneurship).

Source: Unesco