Early childhood

  • 200 million children do not have access to early childhood care and education
  • Only half the world’s countries have such programmes

Aide et Action International is convinced that early childhood plays a decisive role in the quality of education.


In 10 years, enrolment rates at the pre-primary level have grown by 40%. But the protection and education of very young children are not always included in the policy priorities of governments.


However, early childhood facilities play a crucial role in the physical, cognitive, emotional and social development of children. Aide et Action International has adopted the support of early childhood education as a priority, with a growing number of projects that are primarily based on the sensitisation of parents and communities with regard to children’s needs (health, interaction, early learning, etc.); and secondly, the development, in partnership with States, of policies and programmes devoted to early childhood and the support and development of the human resources in existing children’s centres.

Source: Unesco