Our approach

Everywhere in the world, Aide et Action International supports local actors so that they may themselves devise, develop and implement educational projects. Its aim is to build the capacities and promote the autonomy of population groups (communities, parents, teachers, governments, etc.), so that they can sustainably turn into actors of their own lives and responsible citizens.


It is the implementation of projects in the field that is the basis for Aide et Action International’s actions.


To do so, the association supports members of its network of 5 international regions by placing tools, skills and techniques at their disposal, to fulfil its social mission. Its expertise stems from the sum of its experiences in the field, across the world.  Aide et Action International ensures that the global vision of educational systems and challenges across the world are shared, which makes it possible to strengthen the relevance of the actions undertaken, anticipate global developments and promote action-research and innovation.


The members of the Aide et Action International network act in synergy, within the framework of three axis that have been defined jointly and take all the factors related to access and quality of education into consideration.


Aide et Action International’s vision is that of a living solidarity that respects the diversity of cultures and does not seek to homogenise its members’ modes of thinking and methods of work. The solutions people implement may take different forms: financial, material, intellectual or simply human, so as to adapt themselves flexibly to different development contexts and levels.  It is in this spirit that the organisation undertakes experiments and then deploys projects whose impact has been proven across the world. The purpose is to enable the largest number of people, who may face similar problems, to adapt the mechanisms and processes in order to accelerate local application.


Finally, faithful to the principle of a solidarity-based commitment – the very basis of its identity – Aide et Action International applies itself to developing new multi-actor partnerships (Institutions, States, Universities, companies and foundations, civil society, etc.), including emerging actors in the field of education and development.