Key Figures for Education

Generally speaking, access to education has improved across the world. However, the most recent statistics have brought the harsh reality to the fore as regards the number of those who remain excluded and the extent of work still to be done.

47% of children in South Asia and 39% in Sub-Saharan Africa show delayed cognitive abilities because of malnutrition, which handicaps their development and learning abilities.


250 million children and adolescents do not know how to read or write, even after 4 years of schooling.


Around 200 million youth in the 14-25 year age group have not completed primary education.


200 million children do not benefit from early childhood care, education and development.


757 million people do not know how to read or write. Two-third of them are women.


Around 168 million children worked in 2013. 150 million live on the streets.


32 million girls (54% of children) are deprived of primary education.


165 million children under the age of five suffer from malnutrition.


61 million children are deprived of education across the world.

3.3 million children live with HIV/AIDS.