Aide et Action International network

The Aide et Action International network brings together actors from several continents, working in solidarity with each other to advance the cause of development through education across the world.

Aide et Action International is the only international NGO whose governance is shared by all its members. It constitutes a unique space for cooperation and for the pooling of human and financial resources, as well as experiences, at the service of the great cause of education for all.

Our Mission

  • Ensuring the right to development and education for each and every one – children, youth and adults: fighting against all forms of exclusion from education (education and schooling of the girl child, programmes adapted to street children, children with disabilities, etc.)

  • Improving the quality of education so that it fulfils its function of basic education everywhere and prepares children as best as possible for tomorrow’s world (training and support for teachers, influencing public policies, access to new technologies, support to parents, etc.)

  • Enabling youth and adults deprived of education to integrate themselves socially and professionally and to play their role as citizens (literacy, education/parallel bridge schools, skills training, etc.)

Our approach

Everywhere in the world, Aide et Action International supports local actors so that they may themselves devise, develop and implement educational projects. Its aim is to build the capacities and promote the autonomy of population groups (communities, parents, teachers, governments, etc.), so that they can take charge sustainably of their future.

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